Make Equality a Reality

Advocating for Marginalized & Vulnerable Communities Around the World



Global Merit & Essence Awards Network (GMEAN) is a global Not for Profit, non-partisan, charitable organization incorporated under the laws of Ontario and Alberta.

We are committed to serving the marginalized, vulnerable and under-represented communities around the world.


Fostering a world where all men are truly created equal!


Empower vulnerable communities to improve their lives and/or businesses using new skills acquired through empowerment workshops, conferences, seminars, tutorial or less formal schooling.


Create Opportunities

Create opportunities by funding small, repayable loans to help women start moderate, revenue generating enterprises. Seek out employment opportunities in local communities for our marginalized groups.

Our Commitment

100% of your donation will go directly to the cause!

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Become a Global Ambassadors who serve as key points of contact.


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