DAY 4 of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence focused on “A MAN’S PERSPECTIVE!”

Fact: Violence and abuse affect one in three (1 in 3) women worldwide. 

How could we have created a world in which violence against women is so commonplace and the consequences for the perpetrators of these crimes are so few?


There’s an urgent need for MEN to speak out and take action to prevent violence against women. This is not a “woman’s issue” but it is a matter of “human rights” and all must stand with women in addressing it. Attitudes and actions will have to change if we are to see the violence end.

The first priority is to challenge perpetrators of violence and to end the culture of impunity that keeps violent men from facing any consequences for their actions. 

GMEAN’s Internship Program (TIP) produced a 2-minute video that is from “A Man’s Perspective!”  

Student, Max M. sat down with his English teacher to talk Gender-Based Violence.

We cannot say it enough, it takes everyone to get involved – men, women, boys, girls, educators, politicians – everyone has a role to play in the fight against Gender-Based Violence!