Bianca Phiri

Bianca Phiri is first and foremost, a single mother of 2 boys – her greatest accomplishments in her eyes. She is passionate about the youth, especially those who are from the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

For years, Bianca has poured into the lives of young people by providing mentorship, direct care/assistance; she has worked to support youth, academically and socially, and to show that that life may not be great at the moment, but with a little help, and a lot of love, their lives will be better.

Bianca has a background in hospitality and Marketing, and has used her talent to help organizations and her church to develop their own initiatives.

Bianca is the President for  Women in Bloom International, a pillar of GMEAN.  She is unapologetically a Christian woman who credits her accomplishments and her strength to her faith in God!