Global Women Empowerment Program

Micro Lending for Women

Carol Sakala is a survivor! 

When you look at Carol, you’re looking at a woman who is strong and one who is determined.  A Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivor, she made a choice to leave the physical and emotional abusive environment after five (5) years! She knew it would be a hard life, but she also knew that her choice was clear — it was time to and make a life for herself and her three (3) children.

Carol sells vegetables for a living and since January, she has doubled her stock and profits from the financial assistance given through the Micro Lending program.  She is planning on opening a Thrift Store just as soon as her produce business affords the funds to do so.  From the results we have seen, Carol is well on her way to realizing her dream.  She will change a life and ultimately her community!

 Note: Carol is the lady in red