Diana Unene


Diana Unene is a well-rounded professional with experience in Marketing, Sales and Business
Development, holding a degree in Business Studies.

A 2017 Young African Leaders Initiative alumni (VALi), Diana is a passionate humanitarian with
the quest of saving the world, one woman at a time; she believes that women have great
potential in developing communities. Diana is determined to touch a million lives by helping
women in financial distress, women who are affected by Gender based violence, and HIV
related issues.

Diana’s vision for WIBI Zambia is “to be the voice for the voiceless, to bring hope to
underprivileged marginalized women in peri-urban and rural areas; to bring meaning in the
lives of the youth who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. To help in educating the youth. We
want to give every woman and child opportunities to be better than they were in their