Global Women Empowerment

Micro Lending Program

Meet Everlyn Daka, a widow and a mother of four (4).  Like our previous success story, this is a story of someone whose life has mainly been on the streets. 

Since her husband passed away seven (7) years ago, Everlyn has been walking the streets selling fruits to make a living to feed her family, as she is now the breadwinner. When we were introduced to Everlyn, we knew we had to change her life for her, but especially for her children.  We saw the need and the possibility of breaking the chain of poverty and uplifting an entire family from poverty. 

Since she has been in the program, Everlyn is now selling multiple fruits each week and is a thriving businesswoman in the making.  One day, per Everlyn, she will own her own restaurant!  Women in Bloom International (Zambia) is determined to see that her dream becomes a reality!