“May the joy of the Season fill your lives and homes!”



This is the time of year where we take some time to enjoy the company of family and friends as we relish the laughter, the music, gifts, food and so much more. 

This is also a time of reflection for many. We reflect on how fortunate we have been to be in good health, to JUST “HAVE”, to love and be loved, and to live a life of hope, and expectation. Although life is not perfect, we are grateful for its gift.

As they say “Tis the Season!”  

At GMEAN, we are mindful that we have been blessed with many good friends, wonderful donors, great partners, remarkable volunteers, dynamic youth, and an awesome staff. We are also mindful of our purpose, our mission, our vision. “We are changing the lives of marginalized communities around the world” — and we are honoured!

During this festive season, let’s take a moment to remember those who are vulnerable and marginalized. 

Let this new year be the one where you say, “I will make a difference”; this is the essence of the Season 💡.


Thank you everyone for the moments you shared with us in 2022! Thank you for your commitment to us and this vision; and we hope you stand with us in our future endeavours. 

We can’t wait to connect again in 2023. 

Have a safe and glorious Holiday! 🎄

Credits: “Hark the Herald” YouTube with permission via Canva