September is always an exciting month here at GMEAN because it is around this time that we get back together as a team. Many of our staff and also a lot of events tend to slow down during the summer months. We like to take the time to spend a few weeks relaxing, resetting and re-connecting with our children while they are on summer holidays.

September is of course, the month where many students in North America, more specifically Canada, return to school; it is the start of our annual Internship Program, where we welcome an amazing group of Interns for the Fall!

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome grade 11 students:

  • Nathan Marston
  • Max Maidanik
  • Noam Lezerav
  • Sophia Bellisario

Our students are wonderfully diversed in their personal interests. For instance, Nathan is the drama guy. He is interested in acting and is now signed with a modelling agency in the Toronto area. Nathan is going to be a superstar ⭐️!

Then there is Max. He loves soccer but he is also a budding business guru who has a keen interest and invests in crypto currencies and digital assets! He’s the money💰 man.

Next we have Noam, who is quite multifaceted. Noam loves nature and is an avid athlete who enjoys everything from volleyball to mountain biking. He is a family man who loves to spend every Sunday hanging with and helping out his dad. Noam also loves computers 🖥, especially anything having to do with software and designing.

Last but not least, we have Sophia, we call her our rose 🌹in the midst of an almost all guys group. Sophia has artistic blood running through her veins as the daughter of a Canadian Director of Photography in the television/film industry. She loves art, and does amazing pottery and bead bracelets 📿.


Welcome to GMEAN guys‼️. We hope you will enjoy your experience with our organization.