Elsie Brown Memorial Bursary


The Elsie Brown Memorial Bursary was established by Blair Brown, CoFounder of GMEAN. Blair is an alumna of the Radio & TV Arts Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). GMEAN hopes that this bursary will encourage and assist students seeking to pursue studies in the field of Radio & Television.

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The Bursary

Available to second year students enrolled in the Radio & Television program at NAIT. Awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic achievement in the program.

The bursary program is anchored on a belief in “transformative power of individuals as catalysts for broader change.

This bursary aims to expand access to high quality education for youth who exhibit academic promise, economic disadvantage or vulnerability, leadership potential , and a commitment to giving back to society.

We believe insufficient and inequitable access to high quality education stands in the way of economic development and poverty eradication.

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In Memory of Elsie L. Brown

Elsie Brown was a woman of etiquette, virtue, passion and devotion; one who spent her life fully engaged in community building and one who believed strongly in education.


Elsie L. Brown


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