Bianca Phiri Youth Bursary


The Bianca Phiri Youth Bursary is funding established and earmarked for children and youth from marginalized communities in developing countries.

The bursary program is anchored on a belief in “transformative power of individuals as catalysts for broader change. 

This  bursary aims to expand access to high quality education for youth who exhibit academic promise, economic disadvantage or vulnerability, leadership potential , and a  commitment to giving back to society. 

We believe insufficient and inequitable access to high quality education stands in the way of economic development and poverty eradication.


Applicant Must:

  • Must be from a marginalized community in a developing country
  • Must show financial hardship
  • Submit proof of enrollment by way of an acceptance letter from the University or College
  • Complete online Application Form (with all supporting documentation) or print and provide application to our local
    office if there is one in your country.
  • Provide 2 letters of reference (ie. teacher, employer, student counsellor etc)


Our Scholarship Committee is comprised of:

  • A Bank Representative
  • GMEAN Representative
  • 2 Community Leaders Representatives
  • 1 Education Representative


  • Completed application must be submitted by applicant by July 31, 2022
  • Scholarship Recipient will be notified by email no later than August 1, 2022
  • Recipient information will be posted to our website after notification to recipient § Recipient’s’ name and funds will be issued directly to the university or college
  • By submitting your application, you hereby agree to GMEAN’s Scholarship Terms and Conditions
  • Thank you for your application; we wish you the very best!
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