It was a cold beginning to our Edmonton winter, and my children needed clothes as they had outgrown what they had; I was getting so worried because I had reached out to people but had little to no response.

As a single mom, my resources were limited especially as we were still in the COVID semi lockdown. I knew that Blair had an organization that was doing great work and I also knew she had good connections in the city; she was a part of a Facebook group that helped the community a great deal, during the height of COVID. I reached out to Blair through Facebook, and she immediately responded.

Within a few days, and during a winter storm, Blair came to my home with clothes for the moment, and so much for a year or two. I was so happy to get what I had. When I went through the bags, I realized that a lot of the clothes were either new or gently used, and as good as new. OMG, I owe so much to GMEAN for looking out for single moms, like myself.

Kay, Edmonton