Today is June 21st and it’s the first day of summer. We know students (and maybe a lot teachers too) are anxiously awaiting the start of their summer holiday and who can blame you?

GMEAN was honoured to work with an amazing group of young people this past school term and we would like to recognize them as they move on to the next phase of their young lives. 

Thank you to Ronit Kogan, Isaiah Kalathoor, Alexei Sokolovski, David Solomonov, Sabrina Ahmadi and Elisheva (Ellie) Rosenberg. You all should be proud of your achievements in this 2021/2022 school term.  Your hard work, your maturity, your commitment and excellent work are all excellent qualities that will make you great assets to any organization. 

For those who are graduating, this is such an important point in your life. Embrace it! Dream big and make those dreams come true. 

Well done guys and all the best!