About Us

Who We Are

GMEAN is a global Not for Profit, non-partisan, charitable organization. We envision a world where people are treated equal because they are seen as being equal.

We believe that:


Change a Life - You change a Community


Change a Community - You change a Nation

Our Mission

To advocate for, inspire, and empower vulnerable and marginalized communities to create positive and sustainable growth!

Our Vision

To change the lives of marginalized communities around the world, by aligning with organizations and donors who want to make a difference.

Core values

We are Committed to Serving the Marginalized, and Vulnerable Communities Around the World


One Community at a time

Through its entities and programs, GMEAN will address social, & economic issues in communities from rural areas in more economically developed countries to villages, cities, peri-urban and rural communities in developing countries…one community at a time!


GMEAN believes strongly in collaboration and will work with established organizations in global communities. We partner with local businesses, educational and social programs that target vulnerable and marginalized youth, seniors, veterans and visible minorities (including the disabled). The goal is to collaborate and NOT compete.

See Potential in Every Person

Make a Difference

Live Compassion and Empathy

Act with Integrity


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